IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Welcome to Diggers. Please Register and read forum Rules
Do not trust anybody and always use sandboxe rdp for run any tool, Remember to run downloaded files in a Virtual Machine or Sandboxie,


1) You are responsible for your account. You are not permitted to disclose it, and if it is compromised, you are accountable for all that occurs.
2) Creating multiple accounts on forum is prohibited, if found doing so will result in both accounts being terminated without further notice.
3) Doxing or any attempts to obtain personal information with the intent to harm other members is prohibited and will result in account being terminated.
4) Carding or any other fraudulent activities are strictly prohibited; posting or selling any means of hacked data will result in account being terminated without prior notice.
5) Begging for money, freebies, or other things is not permitted; failure to comply may result in a warning or temporary suspension.
6) Any form of intimidation or abusive behavior against other members will not be tolerated and, if done frequently, will result in a warning or suspension.
7) Child pornographic material or any such discussions is prohibited and will result in an immediate termination of the account.
8) Misuse of the likes, reputation, and vouches systems is forbidden, this includes trading in or requesting likes, reputation, and vouches. This will result in a brief suspension as well as the deletion of user likes, reputation, and vouches.
9) Do not mini-mod. This entails performing in a manner befitting a staff member, declaring or implying that you are a staff member, or acting in accordance. Conflict will grow as a result of doing this, Members are advised to use the report button instead.
10) When reporting a user or posted content, make sure to provide an explanatory reason for doing so. Inappropriate use of the report function will result in a warning or infraction.
11) A warning will be issued if you post on a scam report in which you were not directly involved. Continued violations will result in a temporary suspension.
12) Endeavoring to steal from other members and attempts to scam will be punished and will result in a permanent account termination if found guilty.
13) Staff and moderators have the authority to edit or delete user posts as they see fit. If you have a problem with any of the moderators or staff members, you can contact an administrator.
14) Any scrapping attempts or malicious activity directed at the board will result in a permanent account termination.
15) The aforementioned forum guidelines also apply to private messages and shout-box. Private messaging and shout-box privileges may be revoked or come with warnings for misuse of the system.


1) All threads and postings must be made in English since this is an English speaking forum. Failure to do so may result in a warning or temporary suspension of the account.
2) All threads must have clear, relevant titles. Emoticons, clickbait, and other forms of spam are forbidden; if they are utilised, the user will be warned and the content will be removed.
3) Posts must be made in the appropriate sections. Before posting, users are urged to read the section descriptions. Users who post in the incorrect section will receive an warning or suspension.
4) Avoid creating duplicate topics, search the forum before starting a thread. Any user found plagiarising another member's work will be punished, and their account will be suspended.
5) Sharing any form of tool must be accompanied by an virus total scan. Any attempts to distribute malware will result in the account being permanently terminated.
6) Only links to external websites must be posted; posting of referral links or short links is not permitted and will result in a warning or a temporary suspension.
7) Account can be terminated if a user fails to comply with the prohibition against disclosing a project that is currently being offered on the marketplace by another member.
8) Please refrain from posting links to your Telegram channel or business advertisements below published content for solely aim of marketing purposes. To place an ad, kindly utilise the marketplace section.
9) 9) Pornographic content must only be posted in the NSFW section. A warning will be issued if you post porn in any section other than the NSFW Section.
10) Members are required to post in a polite manner towards other users. Bullying or mistreating users in any form is not acceptable and will result in a warning or suspension if done frequently.
11) Excessive argumentation in postings or the shout box is not permitted; instead, disagreements between members should be resolved privately.
12) It is completely forbidden to divulge or post any information about another member's personal information. Violators will have their accounts permanently terminated.