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One of Healy camere’s rooms offers a digital edition of Su-Jock, an ancient oriental acupuncture inurement that has shown remarkable healing totals. But just now all happens without needles and without traveling to East ). In classic Chinese cure, the main power of Chi disperses via routes or meridians. Blending to this treatment, there are 12 major routes that are defined to a scheme of organs in a useful ring.
So, comparable Su-Jock marks are strenuous on the meridian, as beads on a chain. In enlargement, su-jock marks interact or have contacts with organs or divisions of organs that mobilize the reflexologist through activation and so try to control cure action of the organs. The curer unit, as a reflexologist with 1000s of years of inurement, uses targeted frequencies to unlock the analogous meridian, recuperate a healthful discharge of power in the torso and heal certain diseases and ailments:
[Image: Digital-Su-Jock.png]
- elimination of allergies
- recovery of connective tissue
- enhancement the functioning of the bladder
- moderation of the large intestine
- moderation of the small intestine
- betterment metabolism
- meliorated absorption of fats
- recovery of joint flexibility
- skin cleansing
- forcing of the heart
- restorating the balance of the hormonal system
- controlling of blood circulation
- controlling of metabolism
- restoration of the respiratory system
- cleaning the lymphatic system
- improving the work of the stomach
- improving the functioning of the spleen and pancreas
- restoration of the nervous system
- restoration of kidney function
- betterment the overall flow of energy in the body
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